Dr. Tracie Farrell is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow (Round 6) and the principle investigator for this transdisciplinary research. Her professional background is in education, social science, and web science, with a particular focus on the role of marginalisation in development, deployment and evaluation of socio-technical projects, such as Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Tracie Farell
Research Fellow

Dr. Venetia Brown is a Research Associate and the post-doctoral lead for qualitative and mixed-methods research. Her expertise in sociolinguistics, educational technology and pedagogy will guide our research into the educational experiences and beliefs of AI Researchers. In particular, she is interested in the role of researchers’ background and culture in their perceptions of AI and its potential impacts.

Dr. Venetia Brown
Research Associate

Dr. Retno Larasati is a Research Associate and the post-doctoral lead for Artificial Intelligence. Her expertise in explainable AI and public trust will form the basis of our investigations into new methodologies and approaches that can be used to identify and measure key factors in an ecological understanding of AI and its impacts

Dr. Retno Larasati
Research Associate

Dr. R. Justin Hunt is a Research Practitioner on our team exploring queerness and AI. He is a lecturer, arts producer and performer based in London. Justin’s broader research is on queerness, archives of performance, and club and festival cultures. He is a Relationship Manager for the Arts Council England. In this project, he will be working with other artists, practitioners, writers, researchers and activities to explore queer world-making relative to the development and application of AI, as well as considerations of its impacts.

Dr. R. Justin Hunt
Research Practitioner

Professor Miriam Fernandez is a Professor of Responsible AI and the technical advisor of this research. Her years of experience in AI and its subfields, as well as her professional experience in managing large-scale research projects will support the team across all research activities

Professor Miriam Fernandez
Professor of Responsible AI