KMi Research Fellow Tracie Farrell Discusses Ethical AI with ITV

Research Fellow Dr. Tracie Farrell spoke with ITV on Tuesday afternoon, July 13th, about the consequences of Artificial Intelligence on society and her research team’s efforts to reframe the conversation around ethical AI as an “Ecology of AI”.



Dr. Farrell is the Principle Investigator of “Shifting Power”, a project funded by a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship to explore how AI may impact matters of justice. One priority of the team is understanding the environment of AI – the major players, their motivations, and the political, social and regulatory conditions under which it is developed and deployed. This includes the legacy of colonialism, existing power asymmetries and global inequality. Along with post-doctoral researchers Dr. Venetia Brown, Dr. Retno Larasati, and colleagues Dr. Soraya Kouadri Mostéfaoui and Dr. Syed Mustafa Ali from the Open University School of Computing and Communications, the team will explore the environment of AI and the interdependencies and relationships between each environmental element that create an Ecology of Artificial Intelligence and its impacts.


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